Small business owner using a mobile phone

Small businesses which are still relying on individual mobile phone contracts are losing out on potential savings and features by not opting for a business mobile plan. 

Our business mobile tariffs are competitive and whether you need one mobile or a hundred, Carden Telecoms can help you get a great deal. 

The Benefits Of Business-Specific Mobiles

A phone is a phone, right? Well, there are actually some key differences when you’re talking about business mobile plans vs personal ones.

1. Pooled Minutes, Texts & Data

If you have several employees on the same business mobile plan, their minutes, texts and data can be shared from a common pool. This balances the usage across your staff and makes it easier to assess your allowances on a company-wide level.

2. Savings On International Calls 

If your company makes a lot of international calls, a business tariff can lead to big savings. With the UK leaving the EU, UK users will no-longer automatically have set rates when calling other European countries.

Many business mobile tariffs have a set amount of international call minutes included, so you won’t be paying extra every time you need to phone a supplier or customer abroad.

3. A Single Bill For All Your Mobiles
Having a single itemised bill for your entire business (rather than individual ones or a series of expense reports from employees) allows you to have a more in-depth view of how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it.
4. Sync With Your Hosted VoIP Platform

If you also have a cloud-hosted VoIP package from Carden Telecoms you can sync your business mobiles with your VoIP platform of choice.

This allows you to have a single number across multiple devices and unlocks features like ‘simultaneous ringing’ where your mobile and desk phone both ring when you receive a call, allowing you to answer the call wherever is easiest for you.

5. Enterprise-Grade Security

The more business that you do through your phone, the more of a high-value target it becomes for hackers and unscrupulous competitors.

Carden provides mobile cybersecurity solutions that protect your smartphones and tablets as well as the business-critical data stored on them.

Personal user information can be independently partitioned from business data for those that need extra thinking, and individual devices can be managed and wiped remotely from a central admin portal.

At Carden Telecoms, we’re dedicated to using technology to make our clients’ lives easier, not more complicated. When you have a question about your mobile, need an upgrade or have a technical hiccup, you never want to be stuck on hold in a queue.

That’s why every one of our business mobile clients has their own dedicated account manager who knows about their business and its goals, looks after their account and acts as a single point of contact for everything related to business telecoms.

Speak to Carden Telecoms today and let us help you find the best deal for your business mobiles. 

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.

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