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Mobile phones and tablets play a major role in any modern business’s telecommunications infrastructure. It’s important to have standardised, cross-compatible mobile services technology across your workforce.

To provide professional mobile services, we partner with leading smartphone brands, including Samsung, LG and HTC to ensure your business mobiles are configured to the specifications required by your organisation. This includes installing custom software and integrating a device management system to give you control over your data.

The advanced features of our business mobile services, such as mobile twinning, allow your team to stay connected even when working from home or on the go. We have supplied business mobile services in Brighton, Sussex, London, and to clients across the UK.

Mobile Services From Carden Telecoms

Why Choose Us?

Match your business with a bespoke mobile contract, including bundled packages or pay-as-you-go plans.

We can identify which network provides the most stable voice and data service in your region.

We can transfer your organisation’s existing contacts to your new mobile devices across your entire team.

We can implement a disaster recovery plan to act as a backup telecoms system in the event of an emergency.

We can help to identify the best hardware, mobile providers and data plans to match your company’s needs.

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