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If you’ve recently started a business, or are about to, you have a unique opportunity. If you can get your telecoms right from day one you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors. You could also save yourself a lot of money in the long run. 

Have The Right Technology From Day One
As an experienced managed telecoms provider, we’ve looked after business’s communications at various points in their life-cycle. We often find that the longer a business has been around, the more unused phone lines and technology they have. Our first step is always to audit their actual telecoms usage against what they are paying for. Often, we can save them money just by identifying and disconnecting unnecessary phone lines. 

It is preferable to do things correctly the first time round rather than attempting to correct it afterwards. By partnering with a managed telecoms services provider like Carden Telecoms, you can make sure that you are choosing cost-effective and scalable communications solutions. These kinds of early-stage decisions, and the money they can save your business, might be the difference between a new business’s success or failure. You’ll thank yourself later if you get your business telecoms sorted from day one. 
Managed Telecoms Offers Scalable Solutions 
If you’re successful, your small business won’t be small for long. Modern telecoms services include scalable solutions like business VoIP. New users can be added to your VoIP platform with a few clicks and for no extra cost.  Contrast this with installing a new phone line, which can involve construction work and a large upfront cost. 
Your Time Is Short, Spend It On The Stuff That Matters 
You’re a founder, not a telephone engineer. If you try to be both at once, you’ll likely end up failing at one or both. When you use managed telecoms services, you can focus all your time on building your business and know that your telecoms systems are being taken care of by the experts.

Stay One Step Ahead Of The Competition 
Having managed telecoms services allows you to be more efficient and professional than your competition. 

For example, your competitors might have to use their personal mobiles to make and receive sales calls. But if your business has a business VoIP platform that can run as a mobile app, your team can use a unified business landline number for all sales calls even if you are using your mobile devices to make the call. Just like your uniform or your logo, small differences like this can have a big impact on how potential customers perceive you. 

Get Expert Telecoms Support 
When you run a business, time equal money. If there’s an issue with your internet or phone lines, you don’t want to waste either waiting around for telecoms engineers to turn up. Worse yet, you end up stuck on hold to your provider being told “how important your call is”. 

But, when you work with a managed telecoms provider like Carden Telecoms, you get direct access to our team of telecoms engineers and our expert remote support. Unlike a standard home phone provider’s customer support, Carden Telecoms provide a service level that matches your business and work quickly resolve any queries you have.

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.

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