What Is Mobile Twinning And What Are The Benefits?

Your customers need to be able to connect with your team even when they’re not in the office.  

If you’ve been researching business telecoms solutions, you might have heard mention of the term mobile twinning. Mobile twinning is a feature of many business phone systems. Mobile twinning allows a mobile phone to be linked with a desk phone extension. This enables you to take your business calls with you without having to carry two devices.

What Is Mobile Twinning?

With mobile twinning active, whenever your desk phone rings, its designated mobile “twin” will also ring at the same time. You can answer business calls on either twinned phone. If the call is not answered, business’s phone system will pull the call back and redirect it to an available colleague in your office.

Mobile twinning helps your team stay on top of those important incoming calls, wherever they are.  

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Twinning?  

1. Mobility  

You can take your office phone number with you while only having to carry one handset. Team members away from the office can stay connected and join office calls without having to give out their personal number. As companies’ workforces become more and more diffuse, the need to have cohesive “office” telecoms is paramount. This is the case no matter where the individual employees are located.

2. Professional Voicemail  

If you don’t answer the call, the customer no longer goes to voicemail. Instead, the caller is redirected to your business’s main office phone system. They then have the option to speak to someone else in the company or leave a message on your business voicemail. 

This keeps your voicemail sounding professional and ensures that all messages are retained within your company’s voicemail system. It also keeps your personal and work messages separate.  

3. Privacy  

Even though you can make calls from your own mobile device, you don’t need to give out your personal number to customers. However, you also don’t need to carry two mobile phones with you at all times. This ensures that your customers can only reach you on your mobile when you want them to be able to. Your customer doesn’t have to try three or four different contact numbers in order to reach you.

4. Simplicity  

Mobile twinning technology doesn’t just simplify things for your team members. It also simplifies them for your customers and suppliers. You can have confidence that the call will reach you even if you’re away from your desk.  

5. Increased Profit 

Every missed call is a missed opportunity. Mobile twinning can increase your business’s profit by allowing you to answer customer calls at all times. It also reduces the risk of you losing a potential new customer due to a missed call.  

6. Improved Customer Service  

Overall, mobile twinning helps to maintain your company’s excellent level of customer service by reducing the number of missed calls.  Unanswered calls are automatically pulled back into your company’s telecoms system where they be handled by another member of your team.

How To Get Mobile Twinning  

Carden Telecoms can help to integrate mobile twinning into your business’s wider telecoms strategy. It forms just one part of our business telecoms package, alongside other modern telecoms solutions like cloud-hosted VoIP. Speak to our team today to learn more about our telecoms services.

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.

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