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Why On-Premises?

A on-premises phone system, often referred to as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offers a telecoms solution to organisations looking to keep as much of their telecommunications infrastructure in-house as possible. With on-premises, the end user will run their phone system through their own dedicated server, either on their premises or at their data centre by connecting their on-premises system to a dial tone from an existing provider.

On-Premises PBX vs Hosted VoIP

The benefit of an on-premises phone system when compared to a hosted VoIP solution can be viewed as the difference between capital investment (on-premises) and operational expense (hosted). While an on-premises system requires a larger upfront investment, the ongoing operational cost is significantly lower as from the point of installation an organisation only needs to pay for a dial tone from a provider. A hosted VoIP system often has a much lower upfront cost, requiring only the purchase of handset, a PoE switch and a router, but has a permanent recurring cost per user (even if they hardly ever use their phone) as well as charging for additional features.

Which solution is right for your business?

Every organisation is different and so are their telecoms requirements. Certain businesses will benefit from moving their telephone systems in-house while others would be better suited to a hosted VoIP solution. Contact Carden Telecoms today for an assessment of the best telecoms options to help your organisation reach its goals.

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