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Telecom Disaster Recovery

Although rare, a prolonged telecoms outage can seriously damage your organisation’s ability to serve its customers and this can have long-lasting ramifications for its reputation. For this reason, it is important to have a telecoms disaster recovery plan in place.

Carden Telecoms can assist in developing and implementing a telecoms disaster recovery strategy for your business, ensuring continuity of communication.
  • Mapping out the current structure of your communications infrastructure, both analogue and digital.

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your current infrastructure and work to mitigate these through monitoring and maintenance.

  • Assisting in the configuration of a virtual phone system operated through the cloud with no need for additional hardware. 

  • Working with your current telecommunication providers to set up re-routing and call forwarding for your existing phones.

  • Training your staff on best practices and responsibilities.

  • Plan for various telecommunication outage scenarios and draw up cost estimates for an effective recovery from each of them.

  • Rehearse, and test responses to, various outage scenarios.

How you benefit:

Your business gets a recovery plan that is designed around your specific circumstances.

Peace of mind from knowing that your business will continue to operate even in the event of a disaster.

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