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On Premises VOIP

Carden Telecoms on-premises VoIP packages offer local and international calls, remote calling capabilities, video conferencing and call recording – all at a lower price than traditional analogue phone lines.

Our in-house VoIP systems are shaped to match your organisation’s exact requirements. As part of your transfer to VoIP we will:
  • Select and source the required equipment from our range of trusted suppliers - including Panasonic, Avaya, and Mitel.

  • Install your VOIP solution, programmed to the requirements of your business’ IT infrastructure.

  • Configure a host of features such as call forwarding, call logging, call-backs and Interactive Voice Menus.

  • Train your employees on using the new VoIP system.

How You Benefit From On-Premises VOIP

  • Ensure control of all your telecoms systems.

  • Increase or decrease your plan according to the needs of your business at any time.

  • Significant long-term savings

  • Efficient and easy to use features not found on analogue systems.

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