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Great customer service is at the heart of any successful business and quick response times and a professional manner are of upmost important when interacting with customers.

Carden Telecoms can provide a flexible solution to handle sales queries, frequently asked questions and customer complaints.

A Comprehensive Call Management Solution for Your Business

Our call management software gives you control, in real-time, over all inbound communications.

MyInbound is a cloud-based call management system, accessible from anywhere. With three different packages offering a diverse and flexible set of features, it  delivers a professional and seamless inbound call service offering for businesses of any size.

Package 1: Contact Point

Ideal for sole traders, small businesses or anyone looking to stay on top of their incoming calls. It provides:

  • Out of hours call routing, automatically redirecting calls to online channels or a designated phone number (such as your mobile)

  • Comprehensive data and statistic on your call volume, missed call rate and peak times. Allowing you to better allocate your resources.

  • Email alerts for missed calls, meaning that a missed call no longer means a missed opportunity.

  • Disaster recovery options to reroute calls to mobiles or online channels should you have a telecoms failure.


Package 2: Contact Path

Ideal for organisations with multiple contact centres at multiple premises.  It features all of the amenities of the Contact Point plan with additional functionality, including:
  • Call routing by date, allowing you to maintain service even on weekends and holidays.

  • Location based call routing that ensures that customers are automatically directed to your nearest branch or most relevant department.

  • Load balanced calls to best utilise your resources


Package 3: Contract Pro

MyInbound’s premium plan. Ideal for business that require efficient customer service and or deal with unpredictable spikes in call volume.

Featuring all the functionality of the two previous packages with additional features, including:
  • Call queuing, ideal for periods of high call volume.

  • An Interactive Voice Response menu, providing options to route the call to different departments.

Additional features can be added to your packages depending on the needs of your business, such as:
  • Call recording.

  • Customisable menu options

  • Voicemail archiving

  • Custom answer messages, personalised depending upon the call’s source.

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