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With a large array of cloud communication solutions and offering a diverse set enterprise level features, Mitel is one of the market’s most established PBX (Private Branch Exchange) providers.

Through their MiCloud Connect product, available from Carden Telecoms, Mitel offer;
  • Group Calling.

  • Video Conference Calls.

  • Business Intelligence.

  • Easy to use online interface.

Mitel’s infrastructure is built on a worldwide data centre network, ensuring reliability and continuity of service. They offer a large range of services, applications, devices and accessories, such as:
  • Analogue phones (including Mitel 6390 and Mitel 9110)

  • On-site VoIP systems.

  • Video capable conference phones.

  • Cordless DECT devices (including the Mitel 600 range)

  • Integrated VoIP apps for staff using mobile devices.

  • A dedicated support team.



Mitel phone systems are equipped with a suite of enterprise features such as:
  • CRM integrations.

  • Automated call-backs.

  • Optimised call routing.

  • Universal queuing

  • Web chat integration.

As trusted partner of Mitel, Carden Telecoms can source and supply the best phones, software and accessories for your organisation.

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