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Business Geo Numbers

Businesses grow and change quickly and may find themselves operating under very different circumstances to the ones in which they were founded. Companies that now employ over a hundred staff may well have started trading from a founder’s garage or spare room.
However, one aspect that can be slow to change is an organisation’s contact details. Just as you wouldn’t want to buy IT support from a company still using email addresses, you would be wary of a company still using a single mobile number as their main point of contact. Equally, it may raise suspicions about legitimacy if your company says it’s based in Nottingham, but the phone’s area code is still Sussex extension.

How can a Business Geo Number help?

By purchasing a Business Geo Number from Carden Telecoms, you can choose a number that you feel best reflects your company. Perhaps your call centre is now based in a different city to your business? You can now select a number with your preferred area code. This helps your customers (existing or potential) have confidence in your company.
These numbers can be routed through to any number you already have, so calls to an 0800 or 01273 number can be diverted to your current office number, or to a call centre, to a mobile or even to your home phone.
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