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Mobile Twinning

A feature of many of our enterprise-grade telecoms systems, mobile twinning allows a mobile phone to be linked (or “twinned”) with a desk handset’s extension. When active, whenever your desk phone rings, so will its designated mobile “twin”. You can choose to answer the call on either phone, if neither is answered the call can be forwarded to your organisation’s internal voicemail.

What are the benefits of mobile twinning?


Take your office phone with you while only having to carry one handset. Staff working from home and salespeople out at meetings can stay connected and in the loop. Mobile twinning takes “the office” from being a location to an idea. As more and more companies’ workforces become more diffuse, the need to have a consistent and cohesive “office” environment is paramount.

Professional Voicemail

While you can answer your phone on the go, if you miss the call the customer no longer hears “Hi, it’s Tony, leave a message and I’ll get back to you” but are instead pulled back into your organisation’s main telecoms system, giving them the option to speak to someone else in the company or leave a message on your business voicemail. This keeps your voicemail sounding professional and ensures that all messages are retained within your company’s voicemail system while your personal messages are still on your device.


While you can make and receive calls from your own personal mobile device, you never have to give out your mobile number. Great for you and your customer, this ensures that your customers can only reach you on your mobile when you want them to be able to and your customer doesn’t have to run through three or four contact numbers wondering which one is best to reach you on at that moment – or worry about disturbing you on holiday by calling you on your mobile.

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