Businesses grow and change quickly and may find themselves operating under very different circumstances to the ones in which they were founded. However, one aspect that can be slow to change is an organisation’s contact details. Just as you wouldn’t want to buy IT support from a company still using email addresses, you would be wary of a company still using a single mobile number as their main point of contact.

What Is A Geographic Number?
You probably know your area’s national dialling code off by heart. Which also means that you notice if a number doesn’t have one, or has one which is different from other local numbers.

Why Are National Dialling Codes Important For Businesses?
The number your business should use all depends on the image your business is trying to portray. In this sense, you could think of your business telephone number as an extension of your brand identity. Just as you would pay close attention to choosing a new logo design or having your company vehicles painted, you should pay attention to the number you choose. Businesses which wish to portray themselves as ‘friendly, local businesses’ would best portray that through a local dialling code. Organisations wishing to portray themselves as national brands would be better off using non-geographic numbers like 0800 or 0300 as they can appear more ‘professional’.

How To Choose A Different Dialling Code For Your Business
One of the most appealing aspects of using a voice over IP (VoIP) phone service is the ability for a company to select its own phone number. A corporation can choose the type of virtual number they want with managed hosted systems, whether it’s a local number or a UK-wide number. You can also specify the area code your phone number should begin with. Even if it isn’t the one in your neighbourhood!

The data will aid personnel in improving time management and decision-making so that the company can give a better experience to consumers and callers. Our team of telecoms experts can help you analyse your call data and suggest methods and technology to improve the efficiency of your telecoms infrastructure.

Use Multiple Numbers For Different Scenarios
For example, if your business already served one local area, and wanted to expand to another. You could use two different versions of the same number but using two different dialling codes. That way potential customers in each location feel they are calling a ‘local’ company, even if all calls go through to your head office. Alternatively, some businesses use different numbers in order to track where their calls are coming from. For example, if you use one number on your printed adverts, and another on your online adverts, you can tell where a customer found out about your company without even needing to ask them. You can simply check which of your numbers they called you on.

Need A New Number For Your Business?
By purchasing a business geo number from Carden Telecoms, you can choose a number that you feel best reflects your company. Perhaps your call centre is now based in a different city to your business? You can now select a number with your preferred area code. This helps your customers (existing or future) have confidence in your company.

These numbers can be routed through to any number you already have, so calls to an 0800 or 01273 number can be diverted to your current office number, or to a call centre, to a mobile or even to your home phone. If you’re interested in having a new number for your business, either geographic or non-geographic, Carden Telecoms can help – let our expert team find the business number that suits your brand. Get in touch today to find out more.

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.

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