FTTC/FTTP Broadband

In the modern world, a business’s success is determined in a large part by the speed of their internet connection.

Carden Telecoms are experts in providing the maximum bandwidth to our clients, and by installing a dedicated fibre line from your local exchange, you can see incredible boosts to your internet speeds.

Blended Solution

FTTC is a blended broadband solution, where the remaining infrastructure to your office continues to use copper wiring, saving you the expense and disruption of rewiring your entire premises – but offers huge improvements to your connection speeds, with up to 80mbps download and up to 20mbps upload.

The resulting higher bandwidth makes an FTTC connection ideal for VoIP systems, video calling or any business processes that rely heavily on cloud services. FTTC connections also work as an excellent temporary measure while you budget and prepare for a transition to a fully fibre environment.


FTTC is far more resilient in the face of issues such as weather or heavy web traffic and thus is able to consistently provide high-speed data transmission. If your business is struggling with network downtime and other connection issues, a move to fibre optics could be the ideal solution.

Installation and set-up available in most regions within one week.

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