What Is Mobile Twinning And What Are The Benefits?

Your customers need to be able to connect with your team even when they’re not in the office.  

If you’ve been researching business telecoms solutions, you might have heard mention of the term mobile twinning. Mobile twinning is a feature of many business phone systems. Mobile twinning allows a mobile phone to be linked with a desk phone extension. This enables you to take your business calls with you without having to carry two devices.

young black woman using business mobile phone at desk with coffee cup

6 New Trends In Business Telecoms

The events of the past year have accelerated the pace of change and innovation in business telecoms. Several trends, technologies, and new ways of working have emerged which look set to redefine how we communicate and collaborate at work. We’re going to cover the 6 trends that we believe will be the most important for our clients.

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