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Carden Telecoms is a part of Carden IT Group, an IT powerhouse with offices in Sussex, London and New York.

At Carden we are passionate about finding new ways to empower businesses through the power of enterprise-grade IT. Using a combination of both cutting-edge and established technologies we help organisations of all sizes to not only compete, but to succeed.

We have found that business telecoms is an area where many companies still find themselves falling behind the curve. Relying on consumer-grade telecoms equipment and struggling to work around intermittent or slow internet connections. Given the rise of cloud services, remote working, hot-desking and live web chats, a modern business' success is often closely tied to the quality of its internet connection.

We offer internet, WIFI, VoIP telephony, PSTN lines and disaster recovery as part of flexible telecoms plans. The ability to quickly and cost-effectively deploy these solutions to businesses small and large has made Carden Telecoms a leader in the field of enterprise-grade telecoms.

We aim to not only improve the telephony and online services of our clients but to simplify them, offering call, lines, hardware and billing together in a single itemised invoice.

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