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The events of the past year have accelerated the pace of change and innovation in business telecoms. Several trends, technologies, and new ways of working have emerged which look set to redefine how we communicate and collaborate at work. We’re going to cover the 6 trends that we believe will be the most important for our clients.

  1. Remote Work 
    By far the biggest change of the past year was the shift to home working. While first endured as a temporary emergency measure, it has now been embraced by many employees and companies alike. At Carden Telecoms, we’ve worked hard across the past year to ensure that our clients can stay connected to their customers and co-workers seamlessly, utilising cloud hosted VoIP to maintain a unified communications platform wherever they’re working from.

  1. Video Calls 
    Video calls have been around for a long time, but in the last year we’ve all finally seen their potential. Even as restrictions on face-to-face meetings are lifted, many businesses are continuing to conduct the majority of their meetings, with clients and internally, over video calls. Video calling removes both the time and expense of travelling to and from in-person meetings and features like screen sharing allow users to display data and software in real time to other people on the call. 
    The growing importance of video calls and the popularity of free video call software like Zoom has forced every video calling provider to drastically improve the quality and usability of their platforms. Microsoft has improved their Microsoft Teams call quality and added more features in the last year. 
    If your business isn’t taking advantage of video calls, now is the time to start! The Harvard Business Review published a study in 2017 that showed face-to-face communication was over 30 times as successful as email communication when trying to engage and mobilise a potential customer. 
    But if you’re going to be relying on video calls, you’re going to need a broadband line with enough bandwidth to handle all that extra data. You can learn more about our FTTC, FTTP, and leased line broadband connections here.

  1. Virtual Events 
    Unfortunately, whether it was a beach holiday or a business conference, almost everything was cancelled last year. But this year, a growing number of events are being held online and this is likely to continue even when the option for in-person events returns. 
    Virtual events using video conferencing technology are becoming industry-standard, even in sectors that aren’t tech-focussed. Speakers from all over the world can attend conferences and meetings without having to contend with jet lag. Multiple employees from a single company can attend or speak at a virtual event without it costing their employer a fortune in travel costs or lost productivity.

  1. Cloud Telecoms Technology 
    With the rise of remote work has come a need to rely less on on-premises systems and transition towards cloud-based technologies. Carden Telecoms are experienced suppliers of cloud-hosted VoIP solutions which are just as effective whether you’re working on-premises, working from home, or working in another country. You can learn more about our cloud-hosted VoIP here.

  1. 5G Technology 
    5G technology offers far faster speeds than existing connection standards, as well as significantly reduced latency. As the rollout of 5G infrastructure continues across the county, we are likely to see more and more business technologies embracing it. The lower latency will allow for the control of complex machinery from remote locations and its applications in the IoT (internet of things) space will see more elements of a business become connected and networked than ever before. You can learn more about 5G here.

  1. Home Work Cybersecurity 
    The benefits of remote work far outweigh the costs in almost every area. But one aspect where remote work has made things more complicated is cybersecurity. Staying in control of who has access to your telecoms systems when you have dozens of team members connecting remotely can be much more complicated than when those same team members are all sitting at a desk together. At Carden Telecoms we take the security seriously, both our own security and that of our clients’ systems. With access control, multi factor authentication, and encryption keeping your communications for your eyes (and ears!) only.

Carden Telecoms Is Ready

These are just 6 of the trends in telecoms we’re likely to see accelerate as the economy begins to open up again. The best way to stay ahead of the curve and gain an edge on the competition is with the help of a business telecoms provider like Carden Telecoms. Our team are poised to help your business take advantage of all the latest telecoms technologies to save you money on your telecoms bills while also making your communications more efficient, higher quality, and easier to use. Speak to our business telecoms team today to learn more.

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.

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